Quality production in several countries

You are guaranteed quality seed potatoes from the major seed potato producing countries in Europe from us.

We have many talented breeders who produce seed potatoes for many purposes. It gives you a unique opportunity to get the best quality seed potatoes possibly. It also ensures that you can choose from a wide number of varieties. In addition to the large Danish production, we annually deal with potatoes from, among others, Holland, France, Germany, Sweden, Poland and Belgium.

In addition to our seed potato business, we also sell ware potatoes for the Danish consumers.

Healthy seed potatoes

The favourable climate conditions in Northern Europe and strict quality control in the production process means that seed potatoes from us are very healthy and of the best quality. By using our seed potatoes, you minimize the risk of viral infections and other diseases in you potato yield. In Denmark, we have e.g. not had brown bacteria like other countries sometimes see.

Grading stations with high competences

In Danespo, we have assigned a number of grading locations to sort and pack our eating and seed potatoes. Sorting always takes place in conjunction with us in Danespo, and we continuously assess the quality of the products. Grading places can be run by growers who sort and pack their potatoes to larger stations and thereby serving a larger breeder's circle.

Modern packing stations

We continually invest in modern packaging systems, which means that the finished product can be packaged completely according to our customers' wishes.