Close cooperation with our ware potato growers means better potatoes for the customers

Danespo has a close cooperation with approx. 60 ware growers distributed throughout Denmark. Our skilled production department is an important sparring partner for the growers.

The grower and Danespo together find the best varieties for the farmer. This ensures maximum security for a good result for both parties. Throughout the growing season, the associated production employee follows the crop and finds the correct treatment of the soil and potatoes togehter with the grower.

The grower therefore always has a sparring partner who knows the lands and has a lot of insight into the production and handling of potatoes.

Danespo's Grower Association has an influence on the business

The Grower Association helps to emphasize the continued development of Danespo.

All our Danish growers have the opportunity to be a member of the Danespo Grower Association. Here, professional and commercial/agricultural policy issues are addressed and our production staff regularly supply growers with the latest knowledge about potato cultivation and handling.

We listen to the growers' input and wishes and breeders listen to us because we have mutual understanding that we are dependent on each to have successful businesses.

Chairman of Danespos Grower Association:

Jeppe Jørgensen
Nymøllevej 8, Højmark
6950 Ringkøbing
Mobile: +45 40 95 33 40