Large internatonal network

Co-operation and flexible solutions are important in order to be able to deliver the best ware and seed potatoes to you

We are on many markets for ware and seed potatoes either directly, through daughter companies or via agents and business partners. We export to over 40 countries worldwide and we are always open to new markets or to use new possibilities on one of our existing markets
Because of our intense presence on several markets and our extensive variety testing, we are able to introduce new varieties on many of the most complex markets in the world. You are always welcome to contact us to hear about what we can offer of seed and ware potatoes on your market.

Extensive variety knowledge

Our extensive breeding co-operation and international variety testing gives us a great knowledge on which varieties are suitable for the individual markets worldwide. We continously work on spreading our many succesful varieties on the world markets and we are always open to doing so with new business partners and clients.

Professional and personal potato business

We keep a close eye on the market situations so we can always give you competitive prices. We take pride in having a close and personal contact to our clients and business partners and together we find the most suitable varieties for your market and purpose.

Efficient logistics for your benefit

We focus on fast and efficient logistics solutions. We have many years of experience with exporting potatoes to many parts of the world.

You can expect fast and dynamic reactions from our skilled employees, who will always make sure that the potatoes arrive at the destination in time and in top quality.

Contact information

Please contact our head office at or +45 7573 5900 if you need information on the contact person in your area.