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Elena og Aidas seized the opportunity for career development

Employee development opportunities are crucial in Danespo. It is essential to attract and develop talents in a specialized industry where employees' skills and engagement are the foundation for the company's development.

To be a manager in a packing station is a job that involves collaboration, support, and mentoring. In addition to all the practical tasks of ensuring order delivery and creating shift schedules, it entails a range of other responsibilities," says Elena Mustea-Stanciu, manager of Danespo's food potato packing station in Grønbjerg. Together with her colleague in the packing station in Fårevejle, Aidas Miezys, she forms the leadership duo that, in close dialogue with their manager, Nicolaj Jørgensen, constitutes a vital part of Danespo's supply chain for food potatoes.

An organizational change paved the way for a leadership career for the two employees, who have worked at Danespo for several years. They started as packing workers in Danespo's departments in Grønbjerg and Fårevejle, respectively. When the management of the two packing stations was consolidated under Nicolaj Jørgensen, there was a need for a production supervisor at each location - and Elena and Aidas were the obvious choice.

"We want to recruit internally, both to further develop our talents and to retain the knowledge and skills that each employee has acquired," says Anne Zachariassen, Executive Secretary and HR Manager. "This also aligns naturally with Danespo's values: Commitment, Development, Responsibility, and Trust," she adds.

There should be a balance between theory and practice
Danespo wants to ensure that Aidas and Elena also have the right theoretical toolbox to succeed in their new leadership role. Therefore, the two colleagues attend the Basic Leadership Training at IBC in Vejle. Here, they are on the same team, so they can spar with each other and use their shared background from their jobs to create a connection between theory and practice.

The family was part of the decision
Aidas Miezys is 43 years old and has been with Danespo for nearly 12 years. His career path has led from a job as a packing worker via the position of production and transport coordinator to his current role as production leader.

"I have 15 employees here in Fårevejle. And all the other tasks didn't just disappear on their own, so the management job is challenging. That's why it was important to me that my family was also on board with the new job. My wife and I have three daughters, so there is plenty to do in our everyday lives," says Aidas Miezys. In his job, he greatly benefits from being able to speak four different languages, as Danespo is an international workplace. This also opens up other opportunities: "Danespo has branches in several foreign countries. Who knows, maybe one day I'll get to work in one of them, even though I'm really happy with the everyday life I have here in Fårevejle," says Aidas.

One must be generous as a leader
For Elena, one of the most important tasks in the leadership role is to motivate the team in the packing station and plan the tasks in a way that everyone can solve them meaningfully.

"It's about making things work in practice, with planning and task rotation, so that we simultaneously comply with quality standards and legislation within the agricultural and food industry. I strive to be generous with positive feedback, encouragement, and support. In my opinion, that's actually one of the most important things about being a manager," says Elena Mustea-Stanciu, who is 35 years old and has 20 employees in Grønbjerg.