Breeding and research is crucial to the future of potatoes

We produce well-tested varieties which meet your demands for quality, resistances and commercial purposes

The demands for new potato varieties change constantly. Therefore breeding and development of new potato varieties is necessary to be able, continuously, to produce varieties that can meet the demands of our clients and their markets.

In Danespo, we employ many resources and lots of energy in breeding and testing new varieties. It is of vital importance to us that new varieties are thoroughly tested before entering them into actual production. Contact us to hear more about which varities are suitable for your market.

International breeding co-operation

We supply more than 150 different potato varieties to the markets in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The varieties come from a wide range of breeders in Denmark, Holland, Germany, Ireland and France.

Tests and trials of the new Danespo varieties take place in many countries in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. A close co-operation with the breeders regarding development of new market relevant varieties is of huge importance to us. Danespo will at all times represent varieties that match the current market demands as for quality, characteristics and price.

Breeding in Danespo

In Danespo, we have our own development of new potato varieties. It takes about 10 years to develop a potato variety from the beginning before the potato is ready to be used both as seed potato and ware potato.