Quality control is essential

Our extensive demands ensure that our customers receive potatoes of a very high quality

We have implemented our own System for Potato Managing with special quality demands towards our growers. These quality demands assure that our seed potatoes are of a considerably higher quality than prescribed by the Danish Plant Authorities. Our system helps us control all links ensuring that these quality demands are strictly maintained.

We are convinced that trading in seed potatoes requires security for the client as the seed material is the necessary basis for success in potato growing. Contact the production department for more information on our quality standards. 

Quality control throughout the season

A thorough control of quality in all links of the chain is of crucial importance when it comes to exporting seed potatoes. These controls are why we have established our own system:

  • The Danespo quality control begins prior to the seed potato crop being planted. The grower and the Danespo production manager choose the most suitable fields for growing seed potato crop, agree on a fertilizing strategy and determine the planting density for the different varieties in order to optimise the yield sizes.
  • The production manager inspects the fields during the growth season to check for virus, bacterial diseases, areas with water shortage or other conditions of importance for the quality.
  • When the potatoes have been harvested and stored, a sample of the raw material from the lot is taken. The sample is analysed for quality reducing troubles and the suitability of the lot for export is evaluated.
  • On commencement of grading, quality is continually evaluated at the grading units.
  • The final control takes place just prior to transport from the grading unit or from the harbour if the potatoes are being shipped.

Stringent control by the Danish Ministry of Agriculture

All seed potatoes are submitted to stringent control by the Danish Plant Authorities/Ministry of Agriculture. The control takes place during the growing period as well as post harvest. Moreover a number of laboratory analyses for among other things nematodes, ring-rot and brown rot and virus are made.

Only if all the requirements are fulfilled, the potatoes can be provided with a plant passport and sold as seed potatoes.