Skilled growers on contract

Danespo has a close co-operation with more than 100 contract growers in Denmark, Holland and Germany

The grower and Danespo find the best ware and seed potato varieties for the grower's fields together. That assures the best result for both parties.

Throughout the whole growing season, the dedicated production manager monitors the crops and decides together with the grower, the best agronomy programme appropriate to the crop. The grower therefore always has a sparring partner, who knows the fields and has huge knowledge of production and treatment of seed potatoes.

All our contract growers in Denmark are members of the Danespo Grower Union. Here technical, commercial, and agricultural political questions are discussed. As a result, our production managers continuously supply the growers with the up-to-date information on growing and handling of seed potatoes.

Unique guaranteed prices in the potato business

Being a contract grower for Danespo, you are assured a minimum price for the potatoes providing the potatoes meet all health and quality standards. This guaranteed price is unique in the whole of Europe – no other European seed potato company offers its growers a similar safety net.

The guaranteed price works as an insurance, if sales should fail in any one year. The grower therefore being assured a minimum price, more or less covering the production costs of the potatoes on contract.