Sustainable potatoes with GlobalG.A.P. certification

Our Danish potato packers and potato growers are certified according to the global standard GlobalG.A.P.

We have volunteered in Danespo to let ourselves certify in accordance with the GlobalG.A.P. standard. Our skilled potato growers therefore live up to high standards in sustainable agriculture, working environment, safety and climate considerations.

All our ware potato packing stations are checked every year for residues of pesticides. No residues have been found in any of our potatoes.

We are very proud of that. Because that means we and our potato growers do our work properly.

You will find our GlobalG.A.P. certificate here.

Some of our breeders are single certified and are not listed on this list.


Do you want to learn more about G.A.P.?

If you want to learn more about what a Global.G.A.P.  means to you, you can larn more on the Global.G.A.P. organisation's webaite.

What is GlobalG.A.P?

GlobalG.A.P. is a non-profit organization with an important goal of safe and sustainable agricultural production worldwide. They set high standards that we volunteer to live up to.

G.A.P. is short for Good Agricultural Practice. GlobalG.A.P. is the worldwide standard that ensures that the good acricultural practices are respected by certified companies worldwide who have chosen to be certified.

The organization's mission is to:

  • Achieve a universal standard
  • Achieve safe and sustainable food for everyone in the world
  • Achieve safe production methods
  • Obtain responsible use of resources
  • Ensure the conditions of workers and animals
  • Protect the resources needed
  • Obtain easier certification and broader markets for manufacturers
  • Achieve reliable purchasing and expedition for retailers
  • Achieve valuable insurance for consumers